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About Us

Venth Creations was created to show your love and care to loved ones in a unique manner whilst positively impacting the environment through the use of natural materials. Venth Creations strives to promote a new way of gifting and bringing a positive initiative that raises awareness about the importance of natural products to build a community that uses 100% handmade products for home display gifts and their daily activities. By providing 100% natural and organic products that people can use. we want to do our part in contributing to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Our Story

The founder of Venth creations, Venth, born and brought up in a beautiful village in North Sri Lanka. His passion for the Arts and Crafts world developed from a young age. Coconuts is a famous fruit in the country. Growing up he saw many people disposing of the coconut shell, whilst using the flower and water within. 


Intrigued about the wastage of the coconut shell he began creating a handmade home decor object to be gifted. This caught many individual's attention within the community. With the passion to pursue this creativity, he went on to designing and producing various products out of the coconut shell that once people disposed of. 


The factor that accentuates the products at Venth Creations is the touch of hand-making each unit sold whilst also producing it to be environmentally friendly. Alongside working in various retail jobs his passion for creating products out of natural materials continued. Traveling around the world it was noticed that the market for products made from such materials was limited. This enhanced his interest in making his products available for a wider range of audiences. 


Venth Creations aims to produce sustainable handmade products through the use of coconut shells and wood whilst also making attempts to reduce the use of plastic. Further to this, the use of natural bowls and cups contributes to a healthier lifestyle and produces a better taste. Venth aspires to educate the audience on how to be more present and mindful whilst taking the time to care about themselves and the planet we all share.


2021 is going to be a tough year filled with different hurdles however we are ready to overcome these challenges. Venth Creations is eager to share its projects with you so please keep an eye out on what is yet to come. For those of you who have read this far, my sincere appreciation to you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a community using natural handmade products in their everyday life and contributing to a positive change in society. We hope our idea inspires other people to join our journey to make changes amongst our ever-growing community.

Our Mission

Create products of 100% natural handmade products to be used in our everyday life, decorate our homes, and surprise our beloved ones with handmade natural products. Implementing these small changes will hopefully contribute to both personal and environmental growth.

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